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Telecom Carriers

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Association and Non-profit Clients

American Association of Retired People
Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest
Black United Fund of New
Jersey, Inc.
Citizens of Florida
Citizens' Utility Board of Wisconsin
Coalition of United Water Consumers
Consumer's Voice
Economic Policy Institute
Florida Association of Concerned Telephone Companies
Florida Municipal Electric Association
Georgia Legal Services Program
Idaho Birds of Prey Tourism
Idaho Coalition of Boise Water Customers
Idaho Small Timber Companies
Independent Energy Producers of Idaho
Industrial Customers of Idaho Power
Iowa Farm Bureau Federation
Legal Aid Society of Metro Denver
Louisiana Association of Resellers
Maine Bankers Association

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Maine Telephone Users Association
Mississippi Association of Resellers
National Association of State Utility Consumer Advocates
Native American Rights Fund
North Carolina Long Distance Association
Ohio Advocates for Basic Equality
South Carolina Long Distance Association
Tennessee Resellers Association
Texas Municipal League
Virginia Association of Counties
Virginia Municipal League
Wisconsin Citizens' Utility Board

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