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Ben Johnson Associates, Inc. is an economic research and consulting firm that primarily works for government agencies involved in public utility regulation.

However, we also work for many other types of clients, including law firms, corporations, and non-profit organizations. Although much of our work is focused on the electric and telecom industries, it has also encompassed natural gas, water, and waste water utilties, as well as various unregulated firms.

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Our research efforts have historically covered a very wide range. For instance, one recent study examined the effect of restored salmon runs on the price of power in the Pacific Northwest, while another focused on the economic cost of local exchange telephone service. On another recent occasion we were asked to analyze a Big 5 accounting firm's assessment of damages in litigation arising out of a contract dispute. We were recently asked to analyze key economic factors affecting the valuation of certain property for tax purposes, while another client has asked us to analyze the potential impact of global warming on the future output of a major hydroelectric facility.

This is a picture of the Delany Center. Although our work typically culminates in expert testimony, we also produce cost studies, economic and environmental impact studies, opinion surveys, and a variety of other research reports.

Our offices are located on the North side of Tallahassee, Florida's state capitol, in the recently constructed Delaney Center. Other tenants include United States Senator Bob Graham, Xerox Corporation, and a professional engineering firm.

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