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Ben Johnson Associates, Inc. provides economic research and analysis services concerning numerous aspects of the energy and telecommunications industries, ranging from revenue requirements, rate design, and rate of return to price-cap regulation, integrated resource planning, competition, affiliated transactions, universal service, energy conservation, price elasticity, and cross-subsidies.

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A stringent process of research, preparation, revision and review
results in work product which is highly regarded by our clients. Our
work is typically centered around preparing expert testimony and
analytical reports concerning specific economic and/or public policy
issues. The subject matter of our work is generally very technical, yet the research results often need to be communicated to a non-technical audience. Hence, we place great emphasis upon explaining our reasoning and conclusions in a clear, concise, insightful, and understandable manner.

Generating our final work product typically requires a number of undertakings. First, we place a strong emphasis on discovery. After a review of relevant documents and the identification of issues, we prepare interrogatories, requests for production of documents, and requests for admissions. Second, if cost studies, economic impact studies, or other studies are at issue, we conduct in-depth evaluations of the methods, assumptions, and inputs used in those studies and, if necessary, prepare an alternative study. Third, after a period of research and analysis, we develop a report or expert testimony and workpapers to report and explain our conclusions. Lastly, if a court or commission appearance is required, we provide expert testimony and assist in the development of cross-examination and legal briefs for our clients.

This section of our site is intended to provide you with a sense of this work, and the quality of our written communications. By following the links, you will find written excerpts from some of our expert testimony and reports, and a description of one of the economic modeling tools we developed in the course of our work. As you will see, our work product covers a wide range of topics areas, reflecting the breadth and depth of our experience and knowledge.

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